Friday, December 6, 2019

Product Reviews

Nuvo Atom Hookah Stem

The Nuvo Atom is a high-quality stem machined from aluminum. This stem is made in the USA and can be unscrewed into three pieces for easy cleaning. The stem is 15.5 inches in height and weighs almost 2 pounds. The Nuvo Atom does not include a tray, base or grommets.

Liberty Square v2

The Liberty Square v2 is a phunnel-type bowl with a square shaped head. The square shape design allows for better coal placement when using cube or flat coals. This hand made bowl is made in the USA with high-quality clay that provides great heat retention.




Ugly Hookah Marcoje

A combination of delicious mixed fruit flavors with an undertone of guava.

Ugly Hookah Grape

Ugly Hookah Fruit Mix

Ugly Hookah Grapefruit Mint

Ugly Hookah Watermelon Mint

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Haze Pear

The pear-fect match.

Haze Kiwi

Haze Seduction

Haze Mint

Haze Intensity

Al Fakher

Al Fakher Bubble Gum

Sweet and fruity like a machine full of bubblegum balls… look carefully and you’ll notice your smoke may even have a few bubbles!

Al Fakher Peach

Al Fakher Plum

Al Fakher Golden Fresh Mint


Tangiers Noir Cocoa

With some flavoring tricks, the first chocolate flavor that resembles chocolate flavor is here. Chocolate is a difficult flavor to reproduce and buttery and fatty flavors (like the ones in chocolate) are difficult to reproduce in a flavor for the hookah. This flavor resembles instant hot cocoa mix powder. It is somewhat dry, somewhat strong and somewhat complex. The blend of flavors makes the flavor have an excellent humidity resistance. One flavor gets stronger when its damp and another flavor gets stronger when it gets drier, making the flavor different each time you smoke it.

Tangiers Noir Apricot

Tangiers Noir Marigold

Tangiers Noir Blackthorn


Starbuzz Cosmopolitan

Starbuzz Cosmopolitan takes the famous Manhattan bar drink and lights up your hookah head with thick shisha clouds and taste exploding with Citrus and Limes mixed with misty kisses of cranberry.  

Starbuzz Bubble Gum

Starbuzz Piña Colada

Starbuzz Bold Grapefruit Mint

Starbuzz Classic Mojito

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Fantasia Pink Lemonade

A tribute to the fond memories of family cookouts, the hot sun, and flings that kept the summertime exciting. Pink Lemonade has made its way into the memories and stomachs of America and Fantasia brings it to you in this exciting flavor.

Nakhla Apple

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze

Starbuzz Tangerine Dream


Hookafina BLAK Two Fah Ten

Hookafina BLAK Toasted Coconut

Hookafina BLAK Straight Up

Hookafina BLAK Razzleberry

Hookafina BLAK Pink Grapefruit

Hookafina BLAK Pineapple