Saturday, May 15, 2021

Product Reviews

Nuvo Atom Hookah Stem

The Nuvo Atom is a high-quality stem machined from aluminum. This stem is made in the USA and can be unscrewed into three pieces for easy cleaning. The stem is 15.5 inches in height and weighs almost 2 pounds. The Nuvo Atom does not include a tray, base or grommets.

Liberty Square v2

The Liberty Square v2 is a phunnel-type bowl with a square shaped head. The square shape design allows for better coal placement when using cube or flat coals. This hand made bowl is made in the USA with high-quality clay that provides great heat retention.




Ugly Hookah Cinnamon Blast

The sweet taste of cinnamon leaves erupting with a cool blast of fresh air. Imagine the sweet spicy smell of cinnamon combined with the cool freshness found on the highest mountain peak and packaged into an American style tobacco just waiting to convert your taste buds into multiple eruptions of sweet freshness.

Ugly Hookah Apple Apple

Ugly Hookah Ma Wardi

Ugly Hookah Fruit Mix

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Haze Candy Apple Love

Candy apple flavor.

Haze Strawberry

Haze Black Berry

Haze Mint Fiesta

Haze Le’Mint

Al Fakher

Al Fakher Golden Strawberry

Golden Strawberry's candy-like smell will take you back to your fondest childhood memories. With an irresistible taste of dried strawberries that will draw you in from the very first puff and a hint of tartness that will settle on your palette as you enjoy every moment.


Tangiers Noir Watermelon

This watermelon flavor accurately captures a fresh watermelon, where some flavors lean too much towards bubble-gum flavors. The flavor is somewhat strong, and just about medium or average in every other category. Although the humidity resistance is listed as average, the flavor changes very little from humidity shock.

Tangiers Noir Licorice

Tangiers Noir Lemon

Tangiers Noir Chocolate Mint


Starbuzz Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato is a very creamy, slightly sweet, foam-tasting shisha.

Starbuzz Tropical Fruit

Starbuzz Honeyberry

Starbuzz Bold Black Peach Mist

Starbuzz White Chai

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Acrylic Hookah Stand with Ice Bucket

Protect your hookah from falling over and causing damage to yourself or flooring. The Hookah Stand keeps your hookah upright and easily rolls around with 4 lockable caster wheels.

Social Smoke Blackberry


Hookafina BLAK Two Fah Ten

Hookafina BLAK Toasted Coconut

Hookafina BLAK Straight Up

Hookafina BLAK Razzleberry

Hookafina BLAK Pink Grapefruit

Hookafina BLAK Pineapple