Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Product Reviews

Nuvo Atom Hookah Stem

The Nuvo Atom is a high-quality stem machined from aluminum. This stem is made in the USA and can be unscrewed into three pieces for easy cleaning. The stem is 15.5 inches in height and weighs almost 2 pounds. The Nuvo Atom does not include a tray, base or grommets.

Liberty Square v2

The Liberty Square v2 is a phunnel-type bowl with a square shaped head. The square shape design allows for better coal placement when using cube or flat coals. This hand made bowl is made in the USA with high-quality clay that provides great heat retention.




Ugly Hookah Fruit Mix

A mix of fruity juicy apple, berry, pineapple, lemon, orange flavors just waiting to have a Hawaiian Luau party and your taste buds are invited.

Ugly Hookah Grape Mint

Ugly Hookah Cinnamon Blast

Ugly Hookah Secret Agent

Ugly Hookah Apple Apple

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Haze Mint

For that after dinner taste.

Haze Trash Can Punch

Haze Lime it Up

Haze Cantaloupe

Al Fakher

Al Fakher Bubble Gum

Sweet and fruity like a machine full of bubblegum balls… look carefully and you’ll notice your smoke may even have a few bubbles!

Al Fakher Soft Black

Al Fakher Gum With Mint

Al Fakher Mint


Starbuzz Safari Melon Dew

Safari Melon Dew is filled with a smooth melon flavor that is the boldest melon you have ever smoked.  
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Fantasia Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is reminiscent of all those fun times at the carnival. This flavor creates a multitude of sweet decadence in your mouth. Enjoy the delight of Cotton Candy and let it put a smile on your face without the sticky fingers.

Social Smoke Tiger’s Blood

Social Smoke Simply Apple

Al Fakher Golden Fresh Mint


Hookafina BLAK Two Fah Ten

Hookafina BLAK Toasted Coconut

Hookafina BLAK Straight Up

Hookafina BLAK Razzleberry

Hookafina BLAK Pink Grapefruit

Hookafina BLAK Pineapple