A Holistic Approach to Healthcare

**Due to recent research and out of respect for our female staff and community, we kindly request recently vaccinated clients avoid scheduling in-person appointments within 3 months of receiving an injection. Please see our hair and saliva testing services.**

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Health Back!

Make joint pain, chronic headaches, and brain fog a thing of the past. Find the root cause of your depression or digestive issues and get rid of them. Finally get the quality of sleep that makes you feel fully rested in the morning. Kick the lingering long-COVID symptoms to the curb!

You deserve it.

Our team is focused on supporting your health holistically and by addressing the root cause of what your body needs, we support helping your body heal in a sustainable way.

Come see us and start your journey to total body wellness today!

Feel Better Today with a Custom Detox Foot Bath

Reduce inflammation up to 40% with just one foot bath!

Experience immediate results with acustomized foot bath specific to your body's needs!

Limited Time Only: Receive $25 OFF

We'll test your body's inflammation levels and give you an individualized foot bath. You'll be amazed at the change when we retest your numbers afterwards.

Discover what is ailing your body with ElectroDermal Screening

Get real time results of your body’s systems and organs and a personalized treatment plan to help you heal. PLUS, guided support.

EDS Tests gather data from the body using minute electrical discharges from specific points within the nervous system. The data is collected and translated into a clear view of the body’s condition.

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Annual Plan

We have found the best longest lasting results are achieved over the course of 12 months reevaluating the body and making needed adjustments every 90 days. Sign up for an Annual Plan for only $86 a month and reap the amazing benefits of getting rid of pain, feeling better, and having more energy.

Annual Plan Includes:

• 4 tests with consultations throughout the year

• 5% off all supplements

• 10% off all tests and free shipping on Hair & Saliva Kits

• 10% off all scheduled therapies at the clinic

• $400 in average annual savings

"I am just leaving the hospital from my hip replacement. I wanted to let you know that the doctor said, 'whatever you are doing to heal, keep going!' He said my muscles and blood work look like they are from a different man compared to last year!

He was amazed at how awesome I’m healing. Eternal Wellness for the WIN!

Thank you all so much for hearing God and obeying him and stepping out and opening the clinic, you are going to change so many lives, I’m just thankful I got to be at the front of the line!"

- John Reed




Adrenal Max

Herbal & Mineral Complete

Immu-C Liquid

KLS Enviro

Vitamin Life Restore

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He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds, you have been healed.

1 Peter 2:24