Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrodermal Screening (EDS) is a form of data gathering based on Quantum Physics. Using minute electrical discharges from specific points within the nervous system, these signals are collected and interpreted to find out the condition of the body’s organs and systems. 

How are these electrical impulses measured? 

A blunt, non-invasive probe is pressed onto specific points on the patient's body to ‘read’ the signals. These points can be on the head, feet, or hands, and correspond to certain acupuncture points at the beginning and end of energy meridians. These points directly correspond to various body systems and organs. 

What can this test detect?

This highly specific machine can detect bio-energetic signature information left behind from various factors. These factors can be viruses, parasites, bacteria, mold, fungi, inflammation, allergens, toxicities, sensitivities, insect poison, chemicals, heavy metals, mineral imbalances, mental and emotional stressors, and more. 

What solutions can this test offer me? 

Many illnesses and diseases grow in the body slowly and undetected until the symptoms become too uncomfortable. With EDS testing, these diseases and illnesses can be brought into the light, named, and specific solutions can be found for each ailment. Being able to pinpoint the exact issue, down to the specific strain of bacteria, allows for a targeted treatment plan, so you can have restored health as soon as possible.

Is this research based testing?

Yes, check out our Research Articles blog post for more scientific research. 

What do I need to do to prepare for my test?

Stay hydrated, It’s much easier to read a patient that is well hydrated, because the energy is better conducted through their body. All jewelry and piercings will need to be removed prior to testing, because the metal can interfere with the reading. Wearing comfortable clothing with minimal metal accents such as buttons and zippers is recommended, as this can interfere with the reading as well. 

Is this test uncomfortable? 

Not at all. EDS testing is non-invasive, meaning you will not be pricked or poked at all during your visit. A small metal probe will be lightly pressed onto specific points on your hand, and after a few seconds, that specific point will show a reading. Your screening test can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on the results of your scan.


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