Hookafina BLAK Pink Grapefruit

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Hookafina BLAK Pink Grapefruit

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Originating in the Middle East, one of the earliest forms of flavoring hookah tobacco is by mixing the raw leaf with dark molasses made from pure sugar cane. It is a multifaceted tedious process, which relies on skillful tobacconists. The tobacco is first cut by hand into small strips. The dark molasses is then mixed with the tobacco strips under pressurized heat. Finally the flavors are added to the mixture and left to acclimate. The end result is a full-bodied hookah tobacco not intended for beginners. Smoking this style tobacco is for seasoned veterans only due to its high nicotine content and buzz-inducing qualities. Hookafina BLAK keeps the tradition alive by using these primitive methods to produce a worldly smoke.

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