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Trifecta Enigma
A mix of berries, herbs and a touch of citrus.
Trifecta Pulp Friction
A blend of citrus fruits.
Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice
Allow us to introduce a delicate peach fruit profile, which packs a punch with its cunningly spiced notes. Vintage Peach Spice is exotically unique and delicately fruity. ...
Starbuzz Sex on the Beach
Sex On The Beach combines lemons, oranges and a slight citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah.
Haze Eve's Temptation
This apple flavor with cool spiced earthy undertones will have you desiring for more.
Fantasia Formula Series F2
Formula Series is a new blend of shisha from Fantasia. It is made of special barrel aged golden blonde leaf tobacco, which is fine cut and has no dye....
Fantasia Formula Series F1
Formula Series is a new blend of shisha from Fantasia. It is made of special barrel aged golden blonde leaf tobacco, which is fine cut and has no dye....
Tangiers Dark Cherry
A dark cherry flavor by Tangiers.
Tangiers New Lemon-Lime
A citrus mix of lemon and lime.
Tangiers Mandarin Orange
A juicy mandarin orange flavor from Tangiers.
Trifecta Twice The Ice
A cold peppermint flavor.
Trifecta Pumpkin Somethin'
A blend of creamy earthy pumpkin with a touch of spices (contains cinnamon).
Trifecta Mountain Fog
This is a lemon-lime soda flavor.
Al Rayan Cinnamon
A warm cinnamon blast combined with Al Rayan's classic gum flavour makes for a great fusion.
Alchemist Double Apple
Preserving the traditional and middle-eastern style flavors, this double apple gives you the Ancient Egyptians most treasured licorice root for natural sweetness and rich flavor with notes of anise...
Alchemist Stone Mint
Frosty blend of various mints infused with strong tobacco notes giving you that old timers tobacco taste with a minty coolness. Providing you with an intense minty finish, Stone...
Alchemist Bourbon Barrel Berry
Savor every puff of this bold berry treat. This medley of berries features bright flavors of luscious grape, hibiscus, blueberry accented with succulent pomegranate, black currants, and ripe...
Alchemist Nectar Of The Gods
A smoke for the gods, here is the peach and nectar galore you’ve been waiting for. With delicate floral peachy body infused with ripe and luscious nectarines, the smoke...
Alchemist Professor Gumbledore
Bringing the two worlds of minty fresh spearmint gum and classic pink bazooka bubble gum, this marriage of the two presents a sweet candied cool mint smoke. With...
Alchemist Polar Bear
Sweet aroma of juicy, vibrant orange passion fruit balanced out with a tangy, tart explosion of acai berries, raspberries, and currants, this flavorful medley is sure to please. ...
Social Smoke Pear Chill
Mild and sweet pear with a subtle blend of smooth refreshing mint.
Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta
The classic Mexican rice drink with a dash of caramel and cinnamon.
Ugly Hookah Lemon Mint
Ugly Hookah's Lemon Mint is a true Lemon flavor with a light mint, it doesn’t have that overwhelming mint flavor you get with other brands and taste more like...
Ugly Hookah Mint
We combined the old fashioned sweet peppermint stick flavor and perfectly balanced it in a delicious mix of cool mild sweetness. This is already a very popular shisha flavor,...
Ugly Hookah Orange Keef
The perfect balance of the sweetness and bitterness of natural orange combined with a cooling effect when you exhale.
Fumari Ambrosia
In Greek Mythology, Ambrosia was known as the nectar of the brought immortality to anyone lucky enough to drink it. We won't promise immortality, but Fumari's Ambrosia is...
Nakhla Two Apples
Two Apples is widely popular around the world and one of the most classic flavors produced by Nakhla.
Al Fakher Special Edition Citrus Spirit
Picture smoking an entire fruit field in sunny summer Florida.
Al Fakher Special Edition Virgine Grape
Be the first amongst your friends to try this.
Al Fakher Special Edition Seven Wings
Master the Seven Seas, defy the Seven Emperors of Rome, Paint the Seven colors of the rainbow, Listen to the Seven Sages of Greece, Experience the Seven Wonders of...
Al Fakher Mango
Discover the intense fruity sweetness of pure mango. A blissfully full-flavoured smoking moment.
Al Fakher Banana
The sweet tropical taste of bananas makes for a soothing experience and a smooth smoke. Picture breathing in a freshly made milkshake.
Al Fakher Chocolate With Mint
The generous and creamy taste of chocolate combined with the fresh coolness of Mint. Al Fakher mixes are carefully balanced to create the perfect blend of flavours. ...
Al Fakher Grapefruit With Mint
Experience the full citrus flavour of grapefruit combined with the fresh coolness of Mint.
Al Fakher Blueberry With Mint
Try the sweet tartness of Blueberries with the fresh coolness of Mint. Al Fakher mixes are perfectly balanced to create such an appreciable blend.
Al Fakher Apple
Al Fakher's apple offers a concentrated taste like no other for a smooth smoking experience. A timeless classic.
Al Fakher Apricot
Al Fakher’s apricot is sweet and juicy to brighten your day and your room.
Al Fakher Chocolate
Chocolate lovers beware; Al Fakher managed to reproduce the enticing palate of fine chocolate in their molasses. The powerful taste of cocoa with a beautiful creaminess. ...
Starbuzz Vintage Tiramisu
Titamisu - a popular coffee-flavored Italian dessert.
Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar
This gem of a flavor delivers a distinct, natural sweetness created by balancing rich, smoky tobacco notes and a sweetness that is smooth as silk.
56 results - showing 1 - 40  
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