• Al Fakher Mango

    I got a free pack of Al Fakher Mango with my latest haul, and when I opened the package I said to myself, “Ugh, please not mango.” When it comes to the actual fruit I’m not a fan of the ripe orange mangos because I find them to be overbearingly sweet. I can’t stand them at all. So I…[Read more]

  • Al Fakher Mango

    Discover the intense fruity sweetness of pure mango. A blissfully full-flavoured smoking moment.

  • Fumari Ambrosia

    When I first opened the package I was hit with a sweet candy-like melon flavor that smelled absolutely incredible. As for taste, well it tasted pretty much the way it smelled, though I almost wish it was a little bit sweeter. The dominant flavor was definitely cantaloupe on the…[Read more]

  • Tangiers Noir Mint

    Mint is a very simple, very old type of flavor. Some mint flavored tobaccos are flavored with glorified mouthwash. Tangiers uses a flavor that uses just the right amount of spearmint oil, which gives the flavor a “creamy” texture. The flavor lasts a long time and resists humidity…
    [Read more]

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