Stout Line

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Alchemist Black Bear
Deliciously sweet aromas and fragrance are embodied in a refreshing orange infusion with light candied berries. A complex blend of plentiful fruits from sweet orange and tangerine complemented by...
Alchemist Black Moon Melon
Capturing a range of sun ripened sweet melons from fresh honey dew, sugar baby watermelons, and cantaloupe, Black Moon Melon is complemented with the complex and intricate oaky tobacco...
Alchemist Double Apple
Preserving the traditional and middle-eastern style flavors, this double apple gives you the Ancient Egyptians most treasured licorice root for natural sweetness and rich flavor with notes of anise...
Alchemist Guminati
Can’t choose what type of gum you are looking for? Guminati is a darker side of your typical minty and bubbly pink gum. With sweet candied gum on...
Alchemist Lemon Mint
The traditional flavors of lemon and mint is sure to please with its bright notes of sweet zesty lemon verbena and lemongrass. A refreshing hint of spearmint balances...
Alchemist Stone Mint
Frosty blend of various mints infused with strong tobacco notes giving you that old timers tobacco taste with a minty coolness. Providing you with an intense minty finish, Stone...
6 results - showing 1 - 6