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Acrylic Hookah Stand with Ice Bucket
Protect your hookah from falling over and causing damage to yourself or flooring. The Hookah Stand keeps your hookah upright and easily rolls around with 4 lockable caster wheels....
HookahBox is a monthly subscription service that sends you a new box every month filled with shisha, coals, and accessories. Every box includes 50-100gram samples of shisha for a...
Liberty Square v2
The Liberty Square v2 is a phunnel-type bowl with a square shaped head. The square shape design allows for better coal placement when using cube or flat coals. This...
Mason Shishaware Onyx
Each Onyx is made from a proprietary clay body created specifically to optimize your hookah sessions. Shishaware is formulated from a thermal shock resistant stoneware clay, the clay and...
Nuvo Atom Hookah Stem
The Nuvo Atom is a high-quality stem machined from aluminum. This stem is made in the USA and can be unscrewed into three pieces for easy cleaning. The stem...
RR Hookah Tong
The RR Hookah Tongs are some of the nicest looking tongs on the market, and you will be able to match it with your hookah because it's available in...
Starbuzz Electric Warmer
Set your hookah charcoal ablaze without the use of gas or flame with the new Starbuzz Electric Warmer. The 500-watt warmer and metal grill are housed within minimalistic, procective...
7 results - showing 1 - 7