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Fantasia Formula Series F1
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A candy-like blueberry flavor

The Formula Series from Fantasia is a whole new take on what Fantasia is. Formula series is an entirely new blend and it's made of barrel aged golden leaf tobacco. Unlike the traditional line of Fantasia which comes in a standard size of 200 grams, the Fantasia Formula series comes in 250 grams. They made this line free of any dyes, and this is an improvement since Fantasia tobacco traditionally has dye in their standard line.

Fantasia has not yet released official descriptions for any of the flavors in the Formula Series. Based off of the smell and taste, F1 is a blueberry flavor. It's more of an artificial tasting blueberry. It's has a candy-like blueberry scent, although the taste is not as candy-like as it smells. I've never been a fan of blueberry flavors, but I found this one to be easy going and one I could smoke. There was, however, a light hint of a glycerin taste during the first 5-10 minutes of the session. It does go away, but it's something worth mentioning. I tried packing it with a fluff pack and semi-dense pack, and although it worked good with both methods, I preferred semi-dense more for the flavor intensity. It was also easy going with heat management; it seemed to take heat well, although if you add too much heat, the flavor became unpleasingly too intense.

Overall I think the Formula Series is a big improvement in what Fantasia has to offer. If you find one of the Formula Series flavors intriguing, don't hesitate to try it.

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Nuvo Atom
Liberty Square v2
Fantasia Air-Flow coals
Dhose 2.0
Fantasia Formula Series F1 Shisha Review
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