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Mason Shishaware Onyx
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The perfect size bowl with excellent performance

The Mason Shishaware Onyx is one of the nicest looking bowls I've come across. Mason Shishaware first gave a sneak peak of this bowl in February 2016, and its elegant design brought a lot of anticipation in the hookah community. It's made of a high-quality clay specially formulated to retain an even temperature throughout your hookah session. The Onyx has three spokes on the top of the bowl that help cooking the shisha from the inside and not just the bottom. These spokes also provide a visual aide for mixing flavors because they are evenly divided into thirds.

The Onyx is a shallow bowl and in my tests I found it to hold as little as 12 grams with a fluff pack, 16 grams with a semi-dense pack, and 20 grams with a dense pack of Tangiers. Even though this bowl is shallow, you can easily get an hour and a half session or longer due to the heat retention properties of the clay. It will cook the shisha evenly, leaving you with no wasted unburnt shisha, and you will get the very last bit of flavor out of your sessions.

The Onyx I have weighs in at 274 grams - it's heavy and has a very solid feel. It's designed to be used with a heat management device, but because the lip is so small, you can use it with foil as well. It has one of the best fits with a heat management device out of all the bowls I've tested.

This bowl has quickly become my favorite bowl and I'll be using it a lot in future reviews of other products. It performs as good as it looks and that says a lot because this bowl looks great. In my opinion, this is the perfect type of bowl every hookah smoker should have.

Mason Shishaware Onyx Bowl Review
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