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Starbuzz Tropicool
You’ll taste a medley of tropical fruits such as pineapple and citrus in this simple yet very complex flavor. Not to mention the refreshing element of a cooling mint....
Starbuzz Bold Asian Persuasion
The Far East is known for its fine spices, fruits, and teas which have made flavors from this region exciting and sensational. Experience a delicate and exotic concoction inspired...
Starbuzz Bold Irish Peach
Packed with lots of flavor and thick smoke, Irish Peach is a blend of peach with notes of creamy, citrus, and spiced tastes.
Starbuzz Bold Irish Kiss
Feeling lucky? The light and playful Irish Kiss throws around morsels of sweet and fruity bursts of flavor.
Starbuzz Pirate's Cave
A very strong lemon-lime flavor, Pirate’s Cave has a worldwide fan club. It’s as sweet as it is tangy.
Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell
Packed with flavors of cedar this flavor will make you feel like your smoking in a cabin in the backwoods of the country side.
Haze Pineapple Krush
A sweet pineapple flavor with a cool refreshing taste.
Haze Orange Swirl
Classic orange cream swirl flavor.
Haze Hardcore
Not for the weak - big burst of sweet fruit flavors.
Haze Cucumberita
Perfectly balanced cucumber margarita mix.
Haze Bananarama
Delightful cold banana bread pudding flavor.
Tangiers Noir Mimon
A mix of sweet candy lemon and rich mint, making a really resilient, but easy to smoke flavor. This is one of the best humidity resistances and flavor endurances...
Tangiers Noir Summer Solstice
This mixture of guava and watermelon creates complexity and remains sweet. The endurance is fair, humidity resistance average. The guava flavor slightly predominates over the watermelon, but the mix...
Tangiers Noir Kashmir Peach
The complexity of Indian "Kashmir" flavor and a special peach flavor that connects better with the Kashmir Flavor better than regular Juicy Peach. Its strong and incredibly complex. The...
Tangiers Noir Cocoa
With some flavoring tricks, the first chocolate flavor that resembles chocolate flavor is here. Chocolate is a difficult flavor to reproduce and buttery and fatty flavors (like the ones...
Tangiers Noir Apple
This is a standard Apple flavor, being described as "an apple pie" type of apple. The flavor also has a very slight hint of spice that adds to the...
56 results - showing 41 - 56  
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