• A guest voted as helpful a review, Al Fakher Mango , written by Jamie. 1 month ago

    Al Fakher Mango

    I got a free pack of Al Fakher Mango with my latest haul, and when I opened the package I said to myself, “Ugh, please not mango.” When it comes to the actual fruit I’m not a fan of the ripe orange mangos because I find them to be overbearingly sweet. I can’t stand them at all. So I…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, I’ve been Asian Persuaded!, written by Cthulhu Smokes. 6 months, 1 week ago

    Starbuzz Bold Asian Persuasion

    Asian persuasion is an interesting non-fruity flavor by Starbuzz. It presents itself interestingly with an overtone of a Spicy Ginger, and undertones of a light grape, tea, and various spices. The grape flavor is very mild and mixed in with everything else, making this a great…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, A phunnel-type bowl with a twist, written by YouHookah Ray. 1 year, 11 months ago

    Liberty Square v2

    The Liberty Square v2 is a phunnel-type bowl with a twist. Instead of a round shaped head, the Square v2 has a square shaped head. This allows better coal placement when using cube or flat coals. It works especially well when you are going to smoke shisha that performs well with…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, The best candy dark Grape on the market., written by Jay. 2 years, 12 months ago

    Al Fakher Special Edition Seven Wings

    Al Fakher Seven Wings is hands down, in my opinion, the absolute best black grape flavor on the market with the most subtle hint of mint. If you are a fan of candy grape and mint flavors, this needs to be at the top of your list.

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, A Great Mint Flavor That is Stone Cold., written by Cthulhu Smokes. 2 years, 12 months ago

    Alchemist Stone Mint

    Alchemist’s Stone Mint is a flavor that is a strong Peppermint with not much else to it. To be honest, that’s because what it does do, it does perfectly. It’s a simple flavor that you get exactly what you smell; A deep, strong peppermint that just chills your lungs. My biggest…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, Definitely worth a shot, written by ToTheWorld. 3 years ago

    Alchemist Polar Bear

    This stuff smells incredible out of the box. I think the flavor was a little less than I had hoped after smelling it but it was still quite good. The taste to me was more of a strawberry cream than what the description says but it’s hard to pinpoint and could be arguably more minty…[Read more]

  • Starbuzz Pirate's Cave

    Take a whiff of Pirate’s Cave and it will instantly remind you of green Skittles. The taste will remind you of it too. This slightly tart candy-like flavor in addition to being a top seller from Starbuzz, is a favorite amongst many smokers. After smoking it, it’s easy to see why.…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, Native Hookah Reviews on Starbuzz Pirates Cave, written by Native Hookah Reviews. 3 years ago

    Starbuzz Pirate's Cave

    It tastes like Skittles in your bowl, somebody call Marshawn Lynch cause he would LOVE THIS FLAVOR. The only downfall to this shisha is that the duration sometimes only lasts 30 minutes on occasions; majority of the time the flavor lasts the entire session without issue.[Read more]

  • Al Fakher Grapefruit With Mint

    This is a great shisha!!! The grapefruit is a natural flavor that goes very well with the mint. The mint is not overly strong and goes well with the grapefruit. This is a must have in your shisha collection

  • Al Fakher Chocolate With Mint

    This is a good chocolate flavor, the mint is a nice addition to this flavor. The mint is not strong, but you can tell it is there. The chocolate itself is not the best chocolate I have smoked but it is a decent flavor.

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, BeardedHookahGuy: Ugly Orange Keef, written by Jeremy. 3 years, 1 month ago

    Ugly Hookah Orange Keef

    Smell: Open up the package and it smells exactly like an orange that I just peeled. In the background complimenting the fresh natural orange is a nice cooling agent. It’s not a minty smell, like I crushed up a mint leaf and rubbed it together. Taste: Very natural Orange flavor…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, Kashmir Peach, written by Tatiana. 3 years, 1 month ago

    Tangiers Noir Kashmir Peach

    Hands down my favorite shisha! I typically don’t care to much for peach flavors but I absolutely love this flavor. It has a strong floral taste with peach undertones. Smells fantastic and smokes great. Requires minimal heat but a lot of management like most Tangiers. Overall…[Read more]

  • A guest voted as helpful a review, Alchemist Stout Double Apple, written by Drew Woerner. 3 years, 1 month ago

    Alchemist Double Apple

    Not bad – but disappointing for anyone who love double apple, the bourbon sweetness did not pair very well with the traditional DA flavors.

  • Al Fakher Blueberry With Mint

    Excellent flavor, you can really taste a strong natural blueberry with a hint of mint that compliments the blueberry. I highly recommend this shisha!