Social Smoke Horchata Cajeta
Reviewed by Jeremy
"Smell: I've never had or heard of the Mexican drink Horchata so this is a complex smell but it's a very pleasant smell. I get a cinnamon-esque smell, it's not very strong but a complimentary spell. I get a nice Vanilla cream smell also from it. Taste: I get..."
Ugly Hookah Orange Keef
Reviewed by Jeremy
"Smell: Open up the package and it smells exactly like an orange that I just peeled. In the background complimenting the fresh natural orange is a nice cooling agent. It's not a minty smell, like I crushed up a mint leaf and rubbed it together. Taste: Very natural..."
Ugly Hookah Lemon Mint
Reviewed by Jeremy
"Smell: Right off the bat I smell the Lemon coming from it. To me it's a zesty lemon smell with a hint of mint. The mint itself is not very overpowering. Taste: Exactly as it smells (which is why I give it a 10/10 for smell). I get a..."